Cris and Shadow guards.

Just a small mod I made when I got bored a while back, it just adds my two characters as guard members in the Chorrol guard (Cris) and the Bruma guard (Shadow) as befitting their backstories. Both characters will go and do all the same things as guards (patrolling areas of their respective towns, sleeping, eating etc.) however they won't arrest you (same with Bittneld and Burd) and attacking them is you as they have near gamebreaking equipment (that's been set to unplayable) and are essential (there is no kill like overkill) so even if you rampage through the town killing guards don't attack them (they won't attack unless attacked.)


This mod adds nothing except for two insanely powerful NPCs, if you want them as companions go download their companion mods.


You can download it here

Spawn of Boredom

I got bored one day and decided to make this mod, it has a fat man that fires 9mm rounds and a 9mm pistol that fires mini nukes (neither are god weapons) as well as 20 Octo Bombs (these have the same stats as C4) this was almost entirely practice at assigning meshes and textures to items.


You can download it here

Lifting the Veil comic.

A file containing a comic longer then the ones I usually upload to the nexus, due to its length I did get a bit lazy and didn't use any poses as well as recycling one of the images for one of the panels. I'm uploading it as a file here since I wasn't happy with what happened when I tried cropping the images so I could embed them into the description which is what I usually do.


File can be found by following this link

Shadowmere Replacer

This is a replacer for Shadowmere using chakaru's horse resource pack (you can find it here) this file only contains the esp you WILL NEED to download and install the resource pack for this mod to work.


You can find the replacere here

Character Horses

Three horses I created for Alexis, Cris and Shadow for storytelling purposes. They uses chakaru11's horse resource, you need to download that mod before you install this one, it can be found on her site check the links section of this one. The horses are Ruin (Shadow's horse, same name as Darksiders' War's horse I know, I'm crap with names) Storm (Alexis' horse) and Frost (Cris' horse, read aforementioned crap with names statement) and they cna be found in teh following locations:

  • Ruin - Anvil stables
  • Storm - Skingrad stables
  • Frost - Chorrol stables

All 3 horses are essential and all move slightly faster than Shadowmere.


The file contains 3 different .esps for each horse in case you only want one or two of them instead of all 3. I won't release a combined .esp for this mod.


Download the mod here

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