In this section you can download the many companion mods I've created for Oblivion and the one I created for New Vegas (with help, NV is hard to create companions for) three of these companions aren't hosted on the nexus or any sites other then this one so if you do see one of the 3 on another site its probably been nicked.


I do have a set of simple rules for each of these companions, they are as follows:

1) Usual rules pertaining other peoples mods (credits, messaging me if you want to use them in a mod, not uploading to other sites, etc.)
2) if you plan on adding them to a comic (only comics, not images) let me know beforehand, it's very unlikely I'll say no but I'd still like some forwarning.

3) While what you do with my characters in the confines of your own game is up to you, please do keep it there if it conflicts with the personality I created for the character (Alexis is of course exempt from this as she's pretty much a blank slate) sorry to relieve myself all over your collective bonfires with this but it gets disturbing sometimes. IF you're not sure about a shot just ask.

I feel this caveat may be need so I'm leaving it here; all of my companion mods where made for screenshooting purposes so they won't be too complicated, I released them so others could take screenshots with them as well.

CM Alexis

This is the CM partner version of my High Imperial character Alexis, this CM partner is exclusive to this site.


She can be found in the Skingrad fighters guild. Requires the High Imperial race and the CM partners mod to work.


You can download her here

Cris companion

Companion of my New Vegas character Cris (no relation to the Oblivion Cris) who stars in most of my screenshots and comics. If you do not have New Vegas don't download this file!


She can be found in the Prospectors Saloon. Her starting equipment consists of black combat armour and the gobi Campaign Scout rifle (a superior sniper needs a superior weapon) so there will be two versions of that gun in your game.


Due to the amount of cosmetic enhancing mods I've downloaded and installed I can't actually remember which ones where used, I have however narrowed it down to three mods: type 3 bodyProject Mikoto or jonas's four races four faces mods


You can download her here.

CM Breeze

CM version of my chocolate elf Breeze (who hasn't been in many of my more recent screenshots since I'm in the middle of a questline with her) another CM partner exclusive to this site.


She can be found in the Cheydinhal fighters guild and requires the Chocolate Elves and CM partners mods to work.


You can download her here

CM Cris

This is the CM partner Cris. All information can be found by following the download link.


You can download her here.


Thanks to Aurasoma turning her into a standalone companion (something I didn't do because a) I'm a bit lazy and b) I didn't mind having her as she was) meaning all you need for this updated/alternative file is just the CM partners basic mod. She comes packaged with updated guard armour (to show the recent change I made; her becoming a Kvatch guard rather than the Chorrol guard she used to be) as we as her own sword: Gabriel, this sword shouldn't be too powerful as it's as strong as a perfect Madness claymore and lightly enchanted to deal a bit of fire damage over time as well as absorb a bit of health over time (my attempts to solve the legendary lack of survival extincts of the CM partners) so it shouldn't be too OP. Also if you have any of the old versions you can delete those esps if you're using them (unless you want two good looking elves accompanying) and download this version.


You can get her here

CM Shadow

Same deal as CM Cris above, all info of the CM partner version of Shadow can be found by following the download link.


You can download her here.

Due to certain things happening, the old version of Shadow is technically no more so her old CM partner is no longer being support. That said however I have recreated her and have thus recreated her as a CM partner (dubbed Shadow 2.0) which you can download here;

She uses her own version of the Moonshadow Elves race .esp which MUST be active for the mod to work as well as her own textures (technically they're the default textures but I replaced them with alternative ones) however you need everything else provided by the Moonshadow Elves mod (as well as these textures; to remove the forehead tattoo that's present with the moonshadow elves) to recruit her you have to go to the Anvil Mages guild, she's not hard to miss.

I'll have a new image of her up when I can be arsed.

CM Teneicha

This is the CM version of Teneicha (my oldest character) for anyone who wants an insane (ECCENTRIC!) Argonian assassin accompanying them. He may be a bit overpowered (further explanations are in the readme) but fuck it he's my favourite character out of all of them and in his background he's nearly invincible.


All the information you need is in the readme.


You can find him here

Shiro the Husky

This is a companion using chakaru11's dogs resource (found on her site and you will need to download it for the textures.) He's Cris' pet because all the Crises in the Bethesda games I play have a husky as a pet. He's called Shiro (despite not being completely white) due to the fact I (and by extension Cris) suck at coming up with names.


You can download him here

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