Due to reasons I can't be bothered explaining I've decided to stop uploading any comics I do to the Nexus so they'll be hosted here. If you have problems reading them you can click on them to zoom in. This only applies to my New Vegas comics.

Damnit Boone

Boone and Zack talking about how Boone has cocked up and given Cris her flamethrower back. Read from Zack to Boone (right to left.)


Boone asking Cris about her cybernetics which she was revealed to have in my extra long comic The Search (but not her genetic enhancements, couldn't think of how to work them into the comic) as well as reminding him about how the anti aging kicks in because his memory is apparently as bad as mine as I forgot it was mentioned (although not in much detail) in The Search.

Presidential Suite

Just Willow asking Cris how she got the key to the Presidential Suite in the Tops casino which sparks a disucssion on Cris' insane ability to win card games.


Read from Willow to Cris.

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