Thought I'd start my character bios off with my very first character to appear on the Nexus; Shadow, the Mystic Dark Elf Soulweaver.


She combines Dragonfable (a game I greatly enjoy), Oblivion and my own demented sense of fiction. even more then either Cris or Alexis do


First off her history can be found scattered around a few of my images in my Oblivion Nexus image share however I'll lay it out here:

Shadow originally came from a happy household growing up during her first 10 years as relatively normal child however tragedy would strike when a rogue Argonian Shadowscale assassinated her parents, she herself was mortally wounded during the attack and was near death if not for a group of local orphans who managed to nurse her back to health (well when i say they nursed her back to health, they took her to the chapel to have her nursed back to health) and she stayed with them for a few years until Teneicha, under the guise of another Argonian Shadowscale but much more then that, came along and saw the promise in the young orphan and decided to not only adopt her but make her his apprentice and successor. During her years as Teneicha's apprentice she learned the skills of an assassin as part of the old Argonian's disguise as a shadowscale even going as far as assassinating the rogue shadowscale that killed her family, it was only after this kill that she found out that Teneicha was the only Soulweaver in existance and that she was to be his successor for when he finally died (unlikely given that he's too clever and cunning to even get killed) and that she is one of the few people who can use the skills of a Soulweaver. When she was finally ready to become a full Soulweaver Teneicha gave her the task of destabilising the Dark Brotherhood and as a gift to help her gave her a scarf that could help ward off all hostile magic and defend her from physical weapons, she succeeded in that task and finally became a fully fledged Soulweaver. Her weapon of choice is a massive Katana constantly wreathed in blue fire called Hades.


Her combat skills are mostly based around the use of blades, more specifically the use of nodachi style katanas, and she relies on her agility and the reach of her blade to overcome her foes. She is also well versed in the use of magic (mainly her soulweaver powers) and frequently employs them in combat as well, she is not above using dishonourable means to win any form of character.


Shadow is heavily influenced by different games and shows (mainly the anime Black Cat where she shares similarities with the main characters backstory and the name of her weapon.) that I have played or watched, so she is not totally unique.

Cris (New Vegas)

I've probably mentioned parts of this blonde psychopath's backstory in some of my images and comics on the New Vegas nexus.


Due to my own headcanon differing from the actual Fallout canon (it was only America and China that where nuked) Cris didnt grow up in the wastelands she lead a rather peaceful life in South Africa, her mother trained her to use pistols (no revolvers though) and sniper rifles as well as hand to hand combat. When she was a bit older she decided to go to America and ended up joining a mercenary company, which fitted her personality as it whas filled with psychopaths and pyromaniacs. However the merc company would break up when both the commander and his second got killed in a particularly deadly bar brawl which led to Cris hiring herself out as a gun for hire she found herself in the capital wasteland where she was hired to help with Project Purity where she eventually tangled with the Enclave, killing msot of their members and leadership in the process, and became a member of the Brotherhood of Steel (even though she keeps forgetting this fact.) She then became a courier and was fairly successful in that she got her package to where it needed to be 100% of the time, even if it means taking a massive detour to get it back if it gets stolen. It was on one of these deliveries that she came to the Mojave and managed to carve out her own little domain, the Cristatorship as she calls it, after killing most of Caesar's legion and scaring the NCR into leaving her alone.


Despite all of her good points Cris does have flaws, she is easily persauded into doing stuff she wouldn't usually do when drunk and she drinks A LOT she is also incapable of using anything that isn't a pistol or that doesn't have a scope with any kind of accuracy (this can be fixed by attaching a scope to the weapon) but these are mitigated by her reputation.


She is also very good with explosives and managed to develop her own type of explosive from an octopus plushy (which she calls Octo bombs) and has littered her houses with them as a "security measure."


So that's my blonde psychopath's history and skills in a nutshell.

Cris (Oblivion)

Thought I'd finally put up Cris's bio since she's the character you'll see the most over on the nexus and the star of most of the comics I'll upload there. Of course there's the obvious parts of her backstory like her being a Chorrol guard, which is a pretty big part since most of the comics I upload are of her talking to or manipulating Bittneld. Hell beyond that part I've not really given much thought to her backstory. She is incredibly manipulative (unknowingly) and incredibly condescending to everyone and anyone who does not meet her (insanely) high expectations.


She also goes to visit a grave with a sword sticking out of it from time to time. No one knows whose grave it is and Cris isn't willing to tell, no one can be sure who's buried there if it's someone she killed or someone she cares about is unknown but she keeps visiting on a certain day of the year every year.


As for her life before becoming a Chorrol guard, well the only hard fact is that she used to be a bounty hunter why she gave that up to become a Chorrol guard is a mystery and only she and Bittneld know the true reason and they ain't talking.


Other then that, I got nothin' I quite like keeping Cris's past shrouded in mystery, I'll leave it up to you where her fighting skills came from and where she herself came from as well as why her personality is as it is.


Teneicha, my oldest character. The very first character I made in Oblivion (years ago when I originally had it for the Xbox 360) and then recreated when I got Oblivion 2 years ago on Steam. He kinda deserves his own bio despite the scarcity of images of him (I blame the lack of poses for male characters) so without further ado here's the bio of my oldest character and Shadow's mentor.


Not much is known about this nigh invulnerable Argonian before his life as an assassin, he was a shadowscale (so worked with the Dark Brotherhood) but forswore the Night Mother and Sithis in favor of other belief systems, he currently venerates Talos but has worshipped certain Daedric princes (Hircine being the main one, but also Nocturnal) even spending time as an Atheist, evne though he worships certain gods and Daedra he's always mocking in his worship of them seeming as though he's only worshiping them for a joke.


Teneicha is rumoured to be immortal as he has lived twice the normal span for an Argonian and still seems to be in the prime of his life, this has led him to live a nomadic life, never spending too long in one country because someone (usually a mage) will usually recognise him and try and get his secret for immortality (or at the very least ever youth and longevity) from him a secret Teneicha will only share with his most promising pupil (which means Shadow as she's his only pupil to survive through her master's piece) and only when they beat him in a duel (not to the death, he enjoys life) which hasn't happened yet. 


Due to the many years he's lived Teneicha has managed to master the use of many weapons, but mainly favours his Odachi Katana and has such skill with it that it seems like a silver blur in his hands when he's combat and limbs and heads just seem to fall off when the blur passes them. As well as his skills as a swordsman he's a master archer capable of felling anyone or anything at any range, even outside normal bow range, which is a great asset to his assassinations. In addition to his skills with weapons he is undetectable when employing the stealth needed to get into advantageous positions for his assassinations and he has incredibly skill at creating poisons and using Illusion magic and is also capable of using some powerful destruction magic spells, learned from the few years he spent in the mages guild.


Despite being a master assassin he only has one great assassination, or group of assassinations as it where, attributed to him. This was the assassination of a Listener of the Dark Brotherhood as well as an entire sanctuary of them and the entirety of the Black Hand, this has nothing to do with his student Shadow's feat of hunting down and killing the majority of the Black Hand for her Master's Piece, without them even being able to retaliate. This was done purely to prove that he's the best assassin to ever have lived a title Teneicha greatly enjoys having and has killed many lesser assassins to retain.


Zack, Cris' uncle. To get a good gauge on both his abilities and his personality take post therapy Cris (you know the therapy that cured of being a psychopath) and remove all her failings; her alcoholism, her pyromania and her inability to use anything htat isn't one of the following: a pistol, a sniper, her fists (and feet) or a melee weapon of some kind and then increase whatever skills she has by about 100X as well as adding a penchant for overkill and an overprotectiveness of his friends and family (i.e. hurt them and he will hunt you down and he will make you scream and beg for mercy before killing you, slowly) and you have Zack in a nutshell.


Like his niece he is immortal and not the kind where they can't die of natural causes, they can't die full stop (un;ess death decides to man up and finally claim their souls, more on that later) a la the perpetuals from Warhammer 40K. They also can't age but that doesn't kick in until they kill the person that kills them. And how does one become immortal in my fucked up version of the FNV world? By being so badass that death is too scared to claim their souls, so to prevent him from ever meeting them again he offers them immortality.


Zack is an old soldier, and since his wife and son died in a car crash (yes I'm using that cliche but fuck you this is my character's backstory I'll do whatever I want) while he was away killing the Chinese (remember in my version of the FNV canon only America and China are wastelands) which was where he was killed and thus gaineed immortality. When he got back to South Africa (remember SA is a utopia in my head canon) he was distraught at the loss of his family. Around the time he got back Cris had just been born and since his younger sister (Cris' mother) and his brother in law where constantly busy he was roped in to babysit Cris and her older brother, effectively raising Cris this created a bond between them that's stronger even than the bond she shares with her parents. Zack views Cris as the daughter he never had (as well as teh child he never got to help raise) which is why he's fiercely protective of her, despite the fact she can take care of herself and protect herself.

Cris (Skyrim)

Skyrim Cris, no relation to Oblivion or New Vegas Cris.


Whereas Oblivion Cris is a cheeky guard who has a penchant for taking the law into her own hands (mafia style) and NV Cris who's a fiery sniper Skyrim Cris is a stoic thief.


Cris' first 5 years of her life where spent on a farm near Windhelm with her parents, she was born about 2 years after Gallus (the ex-leader of the thieves guild) was killed, until a particularly nasty plague hit the area. Her parents only had just enough money to get Cris cured and ended up dying and leaving her to fend for herself on the streets of Windhelm (sort of like Shadow above)in order to survive she had to resort to stealing just to get enough food for herself. Over the course of her childhood and much of her teens she honed her pickpocketing, lockpicking and sneaking skills to better enable her thievery it wasn't until she was 16 that she started learning how to use her daggers and her bow (At the time fairly simple iron daggers and wooden bow) as she grew up she got more and more confident with her combat skills, however she didn't kill unless she absolutely had to she has the view that she's a thief not a murderer. It wasn't until she was betrayed by someone she thought she could trust (this has caused her trust issues, she thinks everyone will betray her at some point) that she was caught for the first time in her life, while chasing that person over the border in order to get her revenge she was caught with a group of stormcloaks by the imperials and taken to Helgan to be executed.


As a dragonborn Cris also has access to shouts, her preferred shout is the Fire Breath shout but she does use other shouts to gain an advantage in combat.


She uses the following shouts most frequently:

Fire Breath (her main combat shout)

Call Dragon

Dragon Aspect


She doesn't really use any others (she used Clear Skies, Whirlwind Sprint and Unrelenting Force due to the fact you need to use those to progress through the main story) since those 3 are pretty powerful.


So Storm in a nutshell is what you'd get if you took; Anna's, Cris', Mist's and Serena's abilities and put them in a blender (sort of, Anna only uses Destruction, Restoration and Alteration magic whereas Storm uses Illusion and Conjuration in addition to those schools) hence the Perfect in the title (although she doesn't bother with the conjure weapons or necromancy in conjuration or or the emotion manipulation in Illusion.)

As for her backstory (she's the only one of my Skyrim characters other than Cris with one of these) is that she's an incredibly powerful mage who managed to make herself immortal (and eternally young :P) as well as finding the secret to dimensional travel (but only to alternative versions of Skyrim) which allowed her to help the other versions of the last dragonborn (Cris, Mist, Serena and Anna) master their particular skill sets (basically she used the Hall of Heroes from the Familiar Faces mod to help them, it's taking liberties with what that mod can actually do but fuck it, it's a story.) As for her own adventure through Skyrim as the last dragonborn, she was attacked and left for dead (I used one of the backgrounds from the live another life mod) on her way into Skyrim to take out Alduin (the bandits that attacked didn't do a very good job since she just healed herself.) As for her skills with arms and armor, she's immortal and had plenty of time to master the various weapons, armors and skills she taught to the other dragonborn she helped. As for her combat style, it's impossible to pin down as she uses her various weapons, spells and shouts to take advantage of any change in the battle; one minute she could be fighting with you using a sword and board and the next she's used Whirlwind Sprint to move across the battlefield and is raining spells or arrows down on you and then suddenly she's up close and personal with dual swords or a greatsword or greataxe or even dual axes. Her use of the various shouts she learned are also purely tactical, she might start blasting away with the fire or frost breath shouts only to use slow time to make it seem as if she's moving far faster than she actually is or just using storm call or summon dragon to deal with any enemies she can't actually be bothered dealing with. She also has the ability to switch armour and weapons on the fly without the need to take what she was wearing off or put it anywhere.

As for her personality, she's self assured but not cocky or arrogant, she's someone who knows how good they are but doesn't feel the need to boast about it. However she also has a playful side to her which resulted in her being banned from ever entering the white gold tower after putting the captain of the emperor's personal guard's hand in a bucket of warm water to make him piss himself when he was asleep. But despite all the good she does have flaws, she has a crippling case of claustrophobia as well as an attention span shorter than a flies which results in her running off after a bunny (or saber cat, or snow bear) because she thinks it looks cute and wants it as a pet. She's actually the one who gave Garm to Cris but always drops by to see how he's doing.

Something needs to go here so have some text.